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Fictional character biographyعدل

Jack Ryder is a former Gotham City television talk show host who was fired due to his outspoken nature.[1] In Bruce Wayne: The Road Home: Outsiders, it is revealed that he once dated Vicki Vale. Finding employment in security headed by Bill Brane, he attempts to rescue a scientist named Dr. Yatz whom mobsters headed by gangster Angel Devlin have kidnapped in order to obtain his newest discoveries. The chief mobster hosts a masquerade party at his mansion. To gain entry, Ryder improvises a costume from yellow tights and facial make-up designed to look like skin, a green wig and trunks, and red gloves, boots, and furry cloak. Ryder locates Yatz inside, but the mobsters discover him and first shoot at him, but then finally stabs him, wounding Ryder. Yatz injects Ryder with a serum and implants a device in his wound. The serum confers the power to almost instantly heal any wound and grants Ryder enhanced strength and agility. The device, used with its activator, causes the costume to disappear, leaving Ryder naked (he can later change into his formal clothes on command). Yatz inadvertently leaves the activator out of the wound, but does not realize this until after the wound had healed. At this point, the mobsters find their victims again, this time killing Yatz. Ryder discovers that with the activator, he can regain the wild costume whenever he wishes. With it, a crazy laugh and his enhanced physical abilities, he has no trouble routing the crooks.[2]

As the Creeper, Ryder has a series of adventures dealing with supervillains, while hiding his secret identity from his friends and cohorts and dealing with weather girl personality Vera Sweet who also acts as his love interest.

The eventual revision of the Creeper's origin eliminated the serum and claims that the scientist surgically implanted two devices (some accounts claim a single device with two effects) that enhance Ryder's physical abilities and can recreate an object whose "imprint" is stored in its circuitry. The scientist performs this surgery to save Ryder's life after criminals he was investigating attacked and drugged him. Because the scientist is unaware of the drugs in Ryder's system he inadvertently recorded their "imprint" at the same time he recorded the "imprint" of the costume, thus the device that recreates Ryder's costume when he becomes the Creeper also recreates the drugs in his system, explaining the Creeper's odd personality. These drugs so overwhelm Ryder's system that their effect becomes cumulative and the Creeper gradually becomes more irrational. When the Creeper changes back to Jack Ryder, the drugs disappear and with them, the psychosis. Eventually, Ryder comes to believe that he and the Creeper are two entirely different people instead of two roles played by the same man; he also holds this belief in his Creeper persona, which becomes increasingly disdainful of "Jack Ryder". The Creeper once regained his rationality while bound by Wonder Woman's magic lasso, but the implications of this have never been explored.

Fighting Eclipsoعدل

The Creeper appeared in the Eclipso: The Darkness Within annuals in 1992, tricked into taking up one of Eclipso's dark crystals, putting him under Eclipso's control. He is later freed by Bruce Gordon, a longtime adversary of Eclipso. In the self-titled Eclipso comic book series, the Creeper, Gordon and his wife Mona make an initial foray into the South American territory that Eclipso has conquered. This leads to an Eclipso-possessed peasant throwing the Creeper (and himself) off a cliff. The peasant is mentally abandoned and both are left to plunge to their deaths. The intervention of a stunt squad saves the lives of both men. Several other heroes join in the fight against Eclipso, including Major Victory, the original Steel, Amanda Waller, and Wildcat II. They form a team called the Shadow Fighters. In issue #13 of Eclipso, a portion of the Fighters, including the Creeper, make another trip into Eclipso's territory. Several hyenas, possessed by Eclipso, track down the Creeper and tear him to shreds. Most of the infiltration team is slain; only small parts of the Creeper are actually recovered. The remains, along with the other dead heroes, are stolen out from under Eclipso's control by surviving Shadow Fighters.

Despite this death, a Creeper series was launched in 1997. There are indications in this comic that the Dr. Yatz origin as detailed in previous appearances is somehow false and that the Creeper's actual origins are in some way related to his longtime villain, Proteus. Before this was fully explored, however, the series ceased publication.

Rebooted originعدل

In 2006, a new version of the Creeper appears in the Brave New World one shot, published following the events of Infinite Crisis. In the one shot, Jack Ryder is now the host of a controversial TV show, You Are Wrong!, promising $1,000,000 to the person who catches the Creeper. Following this, a six-issue Creeper miniseries revealed the new origin, seemingly taking place during Batman's early years.

Ryder is said to support Dr. Vincent Yatz, who has been combining stem cell therapy and medical nanotechnology to create a revolutionary "nanocell" therapy called "smart-skin", which would enhance the body's regeneration to the point of giving new skin to burn victims and those who have suffered severe scarring. Ryder visits Yatz's lab just as the scientist is being threatened by mobsters attempting to steal the latest test batch of his newly discovered technology. Unable to escape, Yatz injects the last sample of smart-skin, still somewhat unstable, into Ryder's body in an attempt to keep it safe from the mobsters. When the criminals shoot Ryder in his head, the smart-skin activates, resurrecting Ryder moments later as the Creeper, a yellow-skinned man with superhuman physicality, green hair, and a mane of red hair growing on his back (as opposed to wearing fake red fur, like previous incarnations). The Creeper is a separate personality from Ryder and dispatches the criminals. Ryder discovers he and the Creeper can trade places, after which each acts as a witness to the other's activities and can mentally communicate with their alter ego.

Initially wanting nothing to do with the Creeper, Ryder lets him out when the yellow-skinned creature convinces him to seek revenge on their would-be killers. During their pursuit of the criminals, the Creeper and Ryder learn that Yatz has secretly intended the smart-skin to be a weapon. Side effects of its use on human subjects seem to be a loss of mental control, along with the test subjects all getting yellow skin and a mixture of red and green hair. Yatz credits these side effects on the mind and body as resulting from a nerve agent (provided by his silent partner) he had added to the nanocells. This partner is revealed to be the Joker, who had hoped to combine his Joker venom (which causes temporary madness and usually death by laughter) and Yatz's technology to create an army of maniacal, superstrong, near-immortal soldiers. Batman and Ryder defeat the Joker, who later attacks Yatz in revenge. Batman discovers Ryder's double identity and creates a chemical agent that can cure him of the Creeper, but Ryder refuses and forms a truce with his alter ego, agreeing to let the Creeper out from time to time to fight criminals while hiding his identity from everyone including news rival and love interest Vera Sweet.


In Countdown to Mystery #2, Jack Ryder is approached by Eclipso, who hopes to seduce him as she did Plastic Man. She succeeds, but the Creeper is later freed from the corruption by Bruce Gordon. In Green Lantern #24 (2007), the Creeper is seen, along with other heroes, fighting members of the Sinestro Corps in the streets of New York.

Reign in Hellعدل

During the Reign in Hell miniseries, the Creeper was presented as a demon that co-inhabited the body of Jack Ryder rather than an identity he assumed due to scientific experimentation. The story shows the Creeper demon separating from Jack Ryder, having been recalled to Hell by Lilith, the mother of all Earthborn atrocities. It is later revealed that the Creeper demon is just one of a similar-looking species of demon. The Reign in Hell miniseries had many internal continuity errors that made its place in DC Comics canon questionable and the idea that the Creeper was a demonic entity was not repeated afterward.


The Creeper has joined the Outsiders.[3] Later, the Creeper is one of the many heroes recruited to keep the villain Hush from exploiting his resemblance to Bruce Wayne. The Creeper is disguised as a high-level employee of WayneCorp, an excuse for him to accompany "Wayne".[4]

The New 52عدل

In The New 52, a 2011 reboot of the DC Comics universe continuity, the Creeper's origin was explained in Justice League Dark #23.1 which was retitled Creeper #1 as part of the "Forever Evil" event.[5] In that issue, it is revealed that the Creeper originated as an oni in feudal Japan who "justifies cruel temper tantrums under the guise of spreading chaos."[6]

The Creeper first appeared as a cameo appearance as one of Andre Brigg's candidates for a United Nations–sanctioned Justice League. However, the Creeper was not selected to join the group.[7]

Jack Ryder appeared in Phantom Stranger #7, where he had recently quit his job as a talk show host at Morgan Edge's network. After intervention from the Phantom Stranger, Ryder ends up being killed by a monster's attack on Metropolis.[8] The Presence, in the form of a dog, notes that the Stranger did not lead a man to his death, but to his destiny and that Ryder's story is not yet over.

In Katana #3 (June 2013), after Katana's sword is broken by Killer Croc, the spirit of the Creeper is released from the captivity of her sword. It revealed that Katana's sword was used to kill the Creeper. In the following issue, the Creeper is seen bonding to Jack Ryder's dead body. The Creeper notes that he had used Ryder's body previously, calling him "old friend". He later confronts Katana and then retreats.[9]

DC Rebirthعدل

In the rebooted continuity of the 2017 initiative DC Rebirth, Jack Ryder appears to be back to his original pre-New 52 version from before. While investigating a series of murdered criminals down in Chicago, Ryder ends up transforming into the Creeper again and battling against a Deathstroke copycat; while running into the real Deathstroke at the same time. In Red Hood and the Outlaws he is a member recruited by Bizarro.

In the Watchmen sequel Doomsday Clock, Creeper is shown to have been captured by Kobra's cult until he is "saved" by Black Adam.[10] He and Black Adam later attack Israel.[11]

Wednesday Comicsعدل

In the collected edition of Wednesday Comics (200 pages, DC Comics, June 2010, (ردمك 1-4012-2747-3); Titan Books, July 2010, (ردمك 1-84856-755-3)), the Creeper is featured in the story Beware the Creeper – story by Keith Giffen with art by Eric Canete. A man in squalor disposes of a dead body, but is met with a surprise.

النشاط الإقتصاديعدل

تعتبر قبائل المساليت من القبائل الزراعية ومن أشهر محاصيلهم التبغ، الذرة الرفيعة ، السمسم ، الفول السوداني، البامية، الطماطم، الفلفل، الكركديه، وكثير من المحصولات الزراعية والنقدية، كما أنهم خبراء في تلقيح أشجار الفواكه، من المانجو والجوافة والبرتقال والببايا وغيرها من الفواكه الموسمية، فأراضيهم ومناخهم شديدة الخصوبة لأن مناخهم وحالة طقسهم المعتدل يساعدهم على ذلك، لأجل ذلك يزرعون أراضيهم عن طريق الزراعة المطرية وقليل من الزراعة المروية، على شواطئ ومسايل وديانهم الموسيمية المتعددة، وذلك بالطرق البدائية المتخلفة، لأن كل الحكومات التي مرت بالبلاد تجاهلت حقوقهم تماماً ولم توجه في كيفية تطوير العمل الزراعي والصناعي.

والمساليت أيضاً يمتهنون حرفة الرعي لأنهم يربون المواشي الأليفة المختلفة ومن كل أنواعها، من الأغنام والأبقار والجمال والخيول والحمير وغير ذلك، ولكن بالطرق البدائية التي ورثوها من أجدادهم السابقين. [12]

يرجع نسب المساليت الى جعفر الصادق بن محمد الباقر بن علي زين العابدين بن الحسين بن علي بن ابي طالب كما هو مذكور في كتاب عون الشريف قاسم قبائل السودان وكتاب ماكمايكل تاريخ العرب في السودان وكما هو موجود انهم هاجروا من تونس من منطقة الجناين جنوب تونس لذلك سمو مدينة الجنينة في السودان عليها

وخشوم ابوابهم هي: وجدهم يسمى أحمد المصلط الى جعفر الصادق:

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