Untill It Sleeps is about cancer and how it killed both of Hetfield's parents. Being of the Christian Science faith, neither of them sought medical treatment. Believing that faith and God alone would heal them, both of Hetfield's parents succumbed to the disease.

The World Is Mineعدل

I believe this new life to gain

Like a God that I'm under

There's a drugs running through my veigns

I believe in the wonder

I believe I can touch the flame

There's a spell that I'm under

Got to fly, I don't feel no shame

The world is mine

The world is mine

The world is mine

كلنـا للوطـن للعـلى للعـلم

ملء عين الزّمن سـيفنا والقـلم

سهلنا والجبـل منبت للرجـال

قولنا والعمـل في سبيل الكمال

كلنا للوطن للعلى للعلم

كلّنا للوطن

شيخنـا والفتـى عنـد صـوت الوطن

أسـد غـاب متى سـاورتنا الفــتن

شــرقنـا قلبـه أبــداً لبـنان

صانه ربه لمدى الأزمان

كلنا للوطن للعلى للعلم

كلنا للوطن

بحـره بــرّه درّة الشرقين

رِفـدُهّ بــرّهُ مالئ القطبين

إسمـه عـزّه منذ كان الجدود

مجــدُهُ أرزُهُ رمزُهُ للخلود

كلّنا للوطن للعلى للعلم

كلّنا للوطن

We are all for our nation, for our emblem and glory
Our valor and our writings are the envy of the ages
Our mountains and our valleys, they bring forth stalwart men
And to Perfection all our efforts we devote
We are all for our Nation, for our emblem and glory

Our Elders and our children, they await our Country's call
And on the Day of Crisis they are as Lions of the Jungle
The heart of our East is forever Lebanon
May God preserve Him until the end of time
We are all for our Nation, for our emblem and glory

The Gems of the East are his land and sea
Throughout the world his good deeds flow from pole to pole
And his name is his glory since time began
The Cedar Symbol—His symbol for Eternity—is His Pride
We are all for our Nation, for our emblem and glory

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