How can we live in a world controlled by robots?عدل

How can we stay human in a robot society?عدل

Do the robot are placed the humans in the future?

In this era, the robots dominate the world in many fields especially in economic & scientific research, for example: translation – GPS – The electronic market & the electronic driving. In fact, the humans will scare about the robot’s revolution not just in the future but from the past. In proof the economist ‘’ SIMON HERBET’’ in 1960 than ‘’ JIRMY RIVEKEN’’ in his book ‘’THE END OF THE WORK’’ in 1996, they pointed to the development of software, can replace the efforts of the human; in work like nursing – Haircut - Services (social – mail delivery – cleaning...). in the same time, ‘’ERIC BRILUVSON’’ & ‘’ANDRO MAKAVI’’ spoke in their books about the robots how can do it the most works in result of the effects on the human.

If we search an answer about this question ‘’ Do the robot are placed the humans in the future?’’ we will find more people love this idea because they think the robots can make them happy in their life. Yes, the robots can replace the humans in the future in many fields.

The fact proof that because there are many companies work to develop the robot to making the life of person easy. There many real examples for this phenomenon; like robot:

·     ‘’ATLAS’’ who can beat the human in fights: this robot made by ‘’Boston Dynamic Company’’, his name ‘’ATLAS’’ his tall 2m & his weight 75kg; he can do many hard moves in different places.

·     ‘’SOFIA’’ is famous & first robot in the world who gave a nationality, she can do many actions like speak, understand the feeling of humans... she did a many interview, she became like human.

·     ‘’MQRIO’’ is a famous robot to safe a human for Alzheimer, he can help them to remember the small things like memories, photos of family, holidays, small dialogues & the news.

·     ‘’IMMA’’ is robot in Singapore, his work is massage of back & knee.

·     ‘’AIBO’’ smart dog

·     ‘’KOUBO’’ smart cat

·     ‘’SALI’’ is best robot to prepare many kind of salads, he can know a 20 kinds of food ingredients. He can prepare 1000 kind of salad.

In addition, for this real kind of robot who can do many works with easy to make the life of human very comfortable; there are robots in Beijing who work to organize the traffic & registration of violations.

the difference between robot & human worker!!عدل

So the best answer for the question about ‘’Do the robot are placed the humans in the future?’’ is no because the robot is made by the human & to proof that I have a simple comparative between a human and robot in work that can confirm my speech that the human is the world's engine.

Difference between robot & human worker:

The human worker:

1-       Is human

2-       Have a mind

3-       Work from 08:00 o’clock to 17:00 o’clock 

4-       Love his work

5-       Sanctify his work

6-       Innovation

7-       Find solution for problems

8-       He thinks to develop the work

9-       Quality & workmanship

10-     He doesn’t have a date of expiration

11-     Talent

the robot:

1-    Is robot

2-    Work from 08:00 o’clock to 17:00 o’clock 

3-     Work is duty

4-    Quality & workmanship

5-    He  has a date of expiration

6-       Talent

7-       He does the required work

Can we stay human in a robot society?عدل

This question make me take a deep think in long moment to answer for this; because if I remembered the events that happened in the world & it still happen, I vibrate because as human we forget our humanity that is the symbol of beautiful life. Yes, the events, which happen in world in 2018, make me scare if we are safe humanity or not. 

The world in 2018 will be bloody with innocent's blood; the wars – the seditions – the conspiracy – the hate – the hypocrite & the pseudomonas relationships... all this make us forget the meaning of the humanity. Because everyone runs after his benefits, he fights to stay, to live at the expense of others.

The humanity is not to help the others or to find solutions for many problems happen in the world. However, the humanity is not absolutely doing enter in this problems.

Yes, we can do itعدل

Yes, we can live as human in society robot or in other society if we want this, this is not impossible because this not problem, if you want live as human do it & if you want live as animal or robot or any creature do you chosen do it the decision is yours.

What do we need to live in human society?عدل

I do not need a money or wealth to appear the humanity

I do not need a social media to show the humanity

I do not need a big position to be human

I do not need a destruction of nations to give a help with noun of humanity

I do not want wars to prove I am human

I do not want seditions to prove I am good

I do not want a bombs to kill a 1000000 people with name of terrorist's fight then give a help for the affected with noun of humanity

I am not hypocrite man

I am not tricked man

However, I am king of humanity

If you ask me how I can live in this world with humanity, I answer you because I am human

I do not need...

I do not want...

Nevertheless, I need a heart to love & feel the love

I need mind to think how to live in peace

I need heart to paint the smile in the faces

I need heart to plant the hope in the others hearts

I want people who help me to clean the world from the hypocrite human who pan to crush this world

I need hope, will, resolve & determination to change the world not destruction the nations because the destruction give wars & kills but the hope is the symbol of the humanity

Yes we can live in society robot with humanity because the robot is just many software give for it at many work to do it but the human is  creature with feeling & emotions that help him to understand his brother.

The robot is machine made it by human, they will tire & will become scrap, it does not make sense but the human is the pillar of the world.

Yes, we can stay human in this world

Humanity like sun if it set the world will be dark. Neither robot nor human can live without humanity.

How do we live as human in robot society?عدل

To live in this world as human we need the principles that lost in this dark world because there are not deference between robots & humans just in the values  because the robots have not the feeling  & emotions that is the pillar of any relationship (friendship – family – social – love...) yes if you want stay human you will act like human being. You do not need director & producer. You need just values.

Be a peaceful man

Be a sympathetic

Be a good man who love help people

Be a tolerant person

You must have compassion not complimentary

You must have good heart to love, to feel

This is humanity that majority of people lost it.

Difference between normal society & human society:

The normal society :

This society their people are:

1-    The first is robot; he has  not any feeling or emotions

2-    If he has ability to help, he will do it

3-    His benefits is first than the others

4-    He forgive but he does not  forget

5-    He does not make an efforts to help the people

6-    Complimentary

7-    He does not spare

8-    Pseudomonas relationship

9-    The show-off

10-He waits for the people say thank you.

This is the normal person who the majority live in this world like this way

The human society :

This society their people are:

1-    The second is human; he has  a feeling & emotions

2-    he do the work more than his ability

3-    he help to realize the benefits of the others especially in peace

4-    He forgive & he forget

5-    He make a big efforts to help the people

6-    Generous  

7-    Compassion

8-    A real relationship

9-    Love

10-Volunteer for the good

11-He does not wait for the people say thank you

12-Safe people from the dangerous (wars – fights – seditions...)

This kind of people is rarely in this darkest world but they are not nihilistic


The people in this world can live in society robot because there is not anything prevents this, finally the humanity is tender if the god give the humanity for you; you will give all what you have for a person who have anything. Believe me you will very happy as ‘’Ghandi’’ said: ‘’do not lose the hope in humanity; because the humanity is ocean’’. In the same time ‘’JOBRAN KHALIL JOBRAN’’ said: ‘’ pillar of the humanity is the clear heart not the noisy mind’’.

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